With the emergence of cryptocurrencies in the global economic landscape, Italy has also begun to feel the need to regulate this rapidly growing sector. The Revenue Agency has recently taken a stance on mining activities, and Daniele Marinelli, an expert in cryptocurrencies and the head of uShare social profit marketing, has shared his opinions on the decisions made. Let’s explore together what has been established.

Mining process: an overview

Mining is not just a means to create new cryptocurrencies but also plays a crucial role in validating transactions on the blockchain. Miners, using technology, solve complex mathematical problems and, in return, receive cryptocurrencies. Although mining can offer substantial earnings, operational costs are high, and rewards, as in the case of Bitcoin, are progressively decreasing.

Tax implications of Mining

According to the indications of the Revenue Agency, the compensation derived from mining falls within the taxable base of the fiscal year concerning direct taxes. In practical terms, this means that the assessment is determined by looking at the difference between the initial value of cryptocurrencies at the beginning of the period and its value at the end of the same. For IRAP (Regional Production Tax), miner profits are considered part of the net production value.

VAT Exemption for Mining

A crucial point that has attracted the attention of many, including Daniele Marinelli, was the decision regarding VAT. The Revenue Agency has established that mining cannot be seen as a personalized service and, therefore, does not fall within the scope of VAT. Marinelli commented, “This decision reflects an advanced interpretation of the role of mining in the context of cryptocurrencies and aligns Italy with the OECD’s opinion.”

Reflections on Daniele Marinelli’s blog

With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, it is essential for Italy to position itself clearly on tax matters. Daniele Marinelli emphasized, “Cryptocurrencies are a reality we cannot ignore. Italy is taking steps forward to ensure that the sector is regulated fairly and transparently, protecting both investors and miners.”


Daniele Marinelli is an Italian entrepreneur who has left an indelible mark in the fintech, blockchain, and metaverse world. He is the CEO and founder of DTSocialize, an innovative holding that aims to be a pioneer in the protection and enhancement of online data. In an era where connectivity and social media dominate people’s daily lives, DT Socialize has launched revolutionary services for Italy, some promoted through Ushare, an entity dedicated to the distribution of services and devices that prioritize the security and enhancement of personal data.

But Marinelli’s ingenuity doesn’t stop there. He is also the mind behind the utility token DTCoin, which can be equated to a virtual currency that has found its way into the Ushare universe and is exchanged at numerous points of sale. With a clear vision of the digital future and a passion for innovation, Daniele Marinelli continues to shape the Italian technological landscape.